It’s not easy to put on a happy face when it feels as if nothing in your life is coming together. You’ve prayed and believed and acted in all the ways that make sense to you, but nothing has changed. You begin to wonder if God even knows about the mess you’re in, the burdens you bear. Maybe God doesn’t care or He’s too busy with the rest of the world to bother with you and your troubles. Where does that leave you?

When you’re going through a rough patch where everything in life feels upside down, you may be struggling to hold on to hope. When even your friends don’t know how to comfort you, you might slip into negative thinking that tries to convince you that you’re not on God’s list of favorites. But you can change your thoughts!

If you want to step out of the doldrums and move forward into God’s promises and peace, start by changing your heart and mind. Stop counting your miseries and start counting your blessings. That’s a great place to start.

You only need to shift your focus so you can see God’s hand at work right now.

The writer of Philippians suggests that we open our minds to new possibilities by thinking new things; we can alter our perspective by thinking about big things — and even bigger things! Recall what you’ve experienced that made you feel joyful and aware of God’s gracious hand at work, and then give God the praise.

Once you start counting your blessings, you’ll have nowhere to go but up. Your face will feel the warmth of the sun, and your heart will be quickened by the knowledge that God is near. You will notice how your thought patterns change, shifting from negativity and disappointment to thankfulness and hope.

Change your thoughts today and reflect on all that brings you genuine joy. Look for God to show up right now and shine His face upon you, ready to make all things new. Keep thinking bigger and bigger — brighter and better — because you serve a great big God, and He makes all things possible!

Source : https://www.faithgateway.com/think-big-no-bigger

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