Let’s discuss the flipside of knowledge. Yes, knowledge is power, but it can also create absolute boredom. We’ve all heard the canned phrase “ignorance is bliss”, haven’t we? Sure, it can be interpreted as a negative statement, but if you think about it there are certain positive truths in this statement as well. If you knew everything, would you be motivated to do anything? Consider the following points:

  • Ignorance is the unknown.
  • The unknown can be exciting to discover and explore.
  • Unguided exploration can stimulate creative awareness.
  • Increased creative awareness can raise adrenalin levels, allowing the mind to more accurately focus.
  • Persistent focus and concentration toward discovering the truth creates an emotional sense of dedication.
  • Dedication accelerates personal productivity.

How exciting would the Super Bowl be if everyone knew the outcome of the game beforehand? Would the fans still watch it? Would the players still play? Probably not, because the excitement of the game rests in the unknown outcome of which team will triumph. It is the ignorance of not knowing that adds unparalleled excitement to our lives.

This is the reason we must perpetually continue to learn, adapt, and grow. Ceasing to learn new tricks and discover new things will leave you stranded in a world of familiar boredom.

Source : https://www.marcandangel.com/category/inspiration/page/67/

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