After a car accident put me into the hospital, I felt very angry about a lot of the way my life was turning out. The doctors repaired the major damage done to my body. And after all, the car was just that, a car. But I was laying there feeling pretty sorry for myself. I didn’t care to see anyone or talk to anyone.

I had been there about a week, the nurses had been good about leaving my door closed. But one bright morning I was awakened by sounds of people out in the hallway.

Since I was still feeling sorry for myself, I didn’t wake up in a pleasant mood. As I pushed the button to call the nurse, I saw a little boy in the hallway. A cast completely covered his arm, from fingers to shoulder. His face was covered with a smile. In his other hand he was holding a teddy bear.

I heard his mother telling him to sit and wait until she was done. He looked over to me and I had the permanent scowl on my face, but he smiled at me. Then without warning he came running into my room. As I was silently cursing the nurses for leaving my door open, the smile upon his face widened.

He came right up next to my bed and stood there smiling at me. Then with his good arm he held out his big brown teddy bear. It was missing an eye but I had to admit it was cute. I layed there and stared at him for the longest time. Not knowing what he was wanting from me.

He said, “This is Teddy. He’s still sick. He needs to stay here. Could you keep him here till he gets better?”

I reached out and took Teddy from his hand. I promised I would take care of Teddy until the time he got better. I also promised to keep him from harm afterwards.

Just then the little boy’s mother called to him. He looked back at me and said, “Bye mister, bye Teddy” and ran out of the room. His mother smiled down at him and the nurse wheeled him away. I sat there hugging Teddy for the longest time. The nurse responded to my call just in time to catch the tears rolling down my cheeks and the biggest smile on my face.

I will never forget what that little boy gave to me that day. It was so much more than a well loved, one eyed teddy bear. I have kept my promises to that little boy too.

I have kept Teddy close to me ever since that day in the hospital room, and I have kept that little boy close to my heart. Just recently I sent Teddy to the most special person in my life. She has the most incredible love. I will join her soon and we will keep Teddy for the rest of our lives.

Teddy will always be very well loved.

Source: https://www.motivateus.com/stories/theteddy.htm

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