A hug is a wonderful thing. It’s a marvelous gift to share. It’s a grand way to say; “I care.” A hug communicates support, security, affection, unity, and belonging. A hug shows compassion. A hug brings delight. A hug charms the senses. A hug touches the soul.

Hugs are healthy. Hugs ease pain, reduce stress, cure depression, induce sleep, rejuvenate the heart, yet have no side effects… a true miracle medicine.

A hug can say, “I love you.” A hug can say, “I hate to see you go.” A hug can say, “it’s good to have you back.” A hug can say, “It’s great to see you.” A hug can say, “I feel your pain.” A hug can say, “let me share your burden.”

No matter whether you’re the sender or receiver, hugs touch the inner being. From friends, to family, to loved ones, to those in need; a hug warms the heart.

A hug is truly amazing. It gives conscience and purpose to sharing of self. It brings generosity to the giver and happiness to the receiver. It brings blessings to those who give and joy to those who receive.

Hugs are one of the reasons God gave us arms. So, stretch out your arms to someone today. Reach out to those you love. It will warm the heart of the giver and give light to the soul of the recipient.

Reach out to your neighbor. It will show that you care. Reach out to one in need. It will show that you are responsible. Reach out to the world. It will show God that you care for His creation.

Source : https://www.motivateus.com/stories/hugs.htm

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