Once upon a time, John C Maxwell was requested to be a speaker at a seminar with his wife. He and his wife, Margaret were asked to be the speaker at several sessions separately.

When Maxwell is becoming the speaker, his wife always sits at the forefront of the seminar and listens to her husband and vice-versa. The story is, when his wife, Margaret, was being the speaker at one seminar session on happiness. As usual, Maxwell sits in the front seat and listens. In the end of the session, everyone chirrups. In seminar, there is an always two-way interaction from the seminar participants.

In that session, after a few questions, there was a women raised her hand to ask. When given the opportunity, her question was, “Does your husband make you happy?” Everybody fell silent and waited for Margaret to answer. Margaret looked like thinking for seconds and replied, “No!” People were very surprised. “No!” once again she said, “John Maxwell cannot make me happy.” Everybody looked at Maxwell. Then Margaret continued, “John Maxwell is a very good husband. He is never drunk, and cheats on me. He always tries to fulfil my needs physically and spiritually. But, He still cannot make me happy.” Suddenly there was a voice, “Why?” She said “because, no one in this world is responsible for my happiness than myself.”

In other words, No one can make you happy, even your soul mate, your best friend, your money, or your hobbies. All of those things cannot make you happy. Because who can make you happy is yourself. You are responsible for yourself. If you often feel satisfied, always confident, you will not feel sad. Indeed, our thinking pattern determines whether we are happy or not, is not outside factors. Happy or not you life is not determined by how rich yourself, how beautiful your wife, how handsome your husband or how successful your life. This is the matter of choice, Do you choose to be happy or not?

Source : https://greatnewmind.blogspot.com/

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